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AiRod’s – The Newest Steak and Restobar at Davao

September 18, 2011

A close friend of mine, who loves eating more than I do, invited me for dinner yesterday. He brought me to one of his friend’s restaurant. Let me introduce to you then, AiRod’s.

AirRod’s is the newest steak and restobar located in the busy street of Torres, Ground Floor of Hotel Esse, Davao City. The name of the restaurant is the combination of the names of the owners. Air is from Aira. Rod is from Rodolfo. Aira is the name of the girlfriend of the older brother of Rodolfo.

The place is nice and serene. The service is good. I have even experienced the first hand service of the owners Mr Rodolfo and his very nice wife Ms. Pia. I let my friend order the food that we are going to eat since it was not his first time in this restaurant. We had Bulalo steak, Sisig and Dory.

 Bulalo Steak is their Best Seller

Sisig I love! is very tasty.

Dory! Oh I can still savor the spices.

I had two desserts. Leche Flan and Chocolate cake. Yum yum!

The food is great and affordable. So, come at AiRod’s and have a taste of their sumptuous meals. Visit and take a look of their beautiful place.

The pirate queen at the lobby of Hotel Esse.


My long distance love affair

September 11, 2011


It is all because I’ve decided to become a pirate queen and capture a seaman’s heart. teheee!


It’s packing time!

August 9, 2011

Weee! From Loyola Street to Lupo Diaz – Sobrecarey… I moved to my new boarding house on the 1st day of August. With my new place, I deem to have a new life. Goodbye to my old ways and hello to change. Change for the better of course. =)

Since June, my best sis moved out of Davao for some reasons that I couldn’t share without her permission. I surely miss her so much. In one month I was left alone with no one to talk to. =( It was really a bad timing because I was contemplating on making a move on my career and I  had nobody to consult with or even just someone to hear me out. I am away from my family and my Hubey is out of the country.  So, I decided to look for a new place and opted not to rent a room but be a bedspacer.

I looked for a boarding house on Saturday, July 31 and I was able to transfer the next day. The good Lord has really reserved a room for me. My new boarding house is a very nice place. It is very cozy, exclusive only for girls. The room is fully furnished and I brand it as a “hotel type” of boarding house. And oh! I super duper love the CR. The room is good for two. So, I got a new roommate. Her name is Maine. She is a 2nd year college student of San Pedro College taking up BS Medical Laboratory Scientist a.k.a MedTech.

Instantly, we had a connection because we are both the youngest in our family. Like me, Maine is not from Davao. She is from Kabacan; a native speaker of Ilocano. She loves travelling and is so fond of eating. Definitely, we will have a good roommate relationship because we have many things in common. But there is a sort of pressure on me because I am older than her. I will do my best to be a good Ate. =)

Good thing! Maine is an early waker. I am asking her to wake me up early in the morning everyday for me to improve my attendance in the office. Check! I told her that our Boss is giving out cheeseburgers as a reward for the employees with perfect attendance. I love cheeseburgers but the perfect attendance is my target!

This is just one of the few things that I am going to improve. Indeed, new place is a new life! ü


The Luffy Strawhat Keychain

February 6, 2011

Here is my limited edition strawhat keychain. This was given to me by my ex-hubby dutz as a christmas gift wayback 2009.

I am the pirate queen!


My One Piece Wanted Posters

January 9, 2011

Here is a picture of my complete set of One Piece Wanted Posters!

Monkey D. Luffy Wanted Poster

Nami Wanted Poster

Brook Wanted Poster

Sogeking Wanted Poster

Zoro Wanted Poster

Sanji Wanted Poster

Franky Wanted Poster

Chopper Wanted Poster

Shanks Wanted Poster

Where to buy One Piece Wanted Posters? Just contact the Pirate Queen. It is so cheap!


My Monkey D. Luffy Wanted Posters

January 7, 2011

Yey! This is my first Luffy memorabilia. I decided to collect One Piece Items after having this Monkey D. Luffy Wanted Posters.

BUT! I have written an invisible condition that the next items that will be included in my Luffy Collection will be gifts from friends and loved ones.  So far, I have achieved my invisible condition. I have already 10 One Piece Stuffs and 9 of it were gifts from people who are close to me.

Where to buy One Piece Wanted Posters? Just contact the Pirate Queen. It is so cheap!

So keep the gifts coming guys! =)


A jungle inside the cave

January 4, 2011

Another interesting Luffy adventure is spelunking! One of the greatest dream of the pirate queen is to conquer an infinite cave in Vietnam. The cave is popularly known as Hang Son Dong. What amazes me is there is a jungle inside this hole of the Earth. A skyscraper and even a 40 story building could fit into this world’s largest cave.

A giant column


A jungle inside a cave


Fast-flowing Rao Thuong River inside


This is so cool!

Hang Son Dong cave is located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. For more information and photos visit National Geographic.

*photos from NatGeo Website