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A jungle inside the cave

January 4, 2011

Another interesting Luffy adventure is spelunking! One of the greatest dream of the pirate queen is to conquer an infinite cave in Vietnam. The cave is popularly known as Hang Son Dong. What amazes me is there is a jungle inside this hole of the Earth. A skyscraper and even a 40 story building could fit into this world’s largest cave.

A giant column


A jungle inside a cave


Fast-flowing Rao Thuong River inside


This is so cool!

Hang Son Dong cave is located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. For more information and photos visit National Geographic.

*photos from NatGeo Website


My Amnesia Girl: Cheesy Lines, Pick-up Lines

November 29, 2010

It is time for the pirate queen to be cheesy. Here is a post for the MAG Addicts and for the future MAG Addicts.

The pick-up lines & memorable quotes in My Amnesia Girl (MAG) by Star Cinema starring Toni Gonzaga & John Lloyd Cruz:

Sabi sa census may 11 milyon na tao sa Metro Manila. Paano mo malalaman na nahanap mo na yung taong para sa’yo? Maaring nakita mo na siya, pero yumuko ka para magsintas. Maaring nakatabi mo na siya, pero lumingon ka para tingnan ang traffic lights. Maaring nakasalubong mo na siya pero humarang yung pedicab.

May mga maswerteng tao na nahanap na yung taong para sa kanila. May mga tanong patuloy na naghahanap at may iba na sumuko na. Pero yung pinakamasaklap, eh yung na sayo na pinakawalan mo pa”

“Ulan ka ba? Kasi lupa ako. Sa ayaw at sa gusto mo, sa akin ang bagsak mo.”

“Maging cactus ka man, handa akong masaktan… mayakap ka lang.”

“May MMDA ba dito? Nagkabanggaan kasi ang puso natin.”

“May lason ba ang mga mata mo? Kasi nakakamatay ang mga titig mo.”

“Ang true love ay para sa matatapang na tao lamang.”

“Ipikit mo ang mga mata mo. Kasi sabi nila, kapag nakapikit ka, dun mo malalaman ang totoo mong nararamdaman.”

“Kung pwede lang mawala lahat ng kasalan sa pamamagitan ng yakap, habang buhay kitang yayakapin.”

“Kung ikakasal ka saan mo gusto? Ako kasi sa tabi mo.”

“Kung may uulitin ako sa buhay ko, gusto kong ulitin yung araw na nakilala kita. Kahit paulit-ulit. Kahit araw-araw.”

“Alam mo, para kang tae… Hindi kasi kita kayang paglaruan.”

“Ihi ka ba? …Hindi kasi kita matiis eh.”

“Para kang alak… ang lakas ng tama mo sa akin.”

Apollo: Tumatangkad ka ba?

Irene: Hindi, bakit?

Apollo: Kasi dati hanggang balikat lang kita, ngayon nasa isip na kita.

Apollo: Lumiliit ka ba?

Irene: Hindi, bakit?

Apollo: Kahapon kasi nasa isip lang kita, ngayon nasa puso na kita.

Apollo: Bakit ba hinahanap ang isang tao?

Peachy: Kasi gusto mo siya?

Apollo: Hindi, kasi nawawala.

Irene: Bakit? Nawawala ba ‘ko?

Apollo: Hindi, pero hindi ka kasi mawala sa isip ko eh.

Apollo: Bakit mo ba hinihintay ang isang tao?

Irene: Kasi takas sa bilibid?

Apollo: Hindi, kasi gusto mo siya.

Irene: Mahal kita.

Apollo: Sana pirated CD ka nalang para paulit-ulit mong sabihin ‘yan.

Irene: Mahal kita. Mahal kita. Mahal kita. Mahal kita.

Apollo: Magdala ka ng salbabida.

Irene: Bakit? Maliligo ba tayo?

Apollo: Hindi, baka malunod ka sa pagmamahal ko.

Irene: Sino ako?

Apollo: Ikaw si Irene ko. Ikaw ang mapapangasawa ko. Photographer ka.

Irene: Mali. Pulis ako. Ikaw kasi ang most wanted ko.



Typhoon Basyang in Davao

July 30, 2010

Here’s the scene when typhoon Basyang visited Davao City.

It really makes me think that there is a problem with the drainage system of the biggest city on earth despite of its accomplishments as the 1st city in the country to set up the CCTV and being a non-smoking zone. tsk! The city officials should check on this before its too late.

PS! “I am the pirate queen” is also known as Basyang (the term of endearment of her father). When someone calls her Basyang, that person is close to her heart. =D


Until death will do us part…

May 15, 2010

Best friends found dead in the water.

I and a friend were looking for a good restaurant near Victoria Plaza (Davao City, Philippines) when we found these two bodies floating. The other one was dead and the other was fighting for his/her/its life. The dead folk is already fulfilled with his/her/its purpose here on earth while the other is still struggling if he/she/it is deserving to live.

We found a dead cockroach and a live goldfish! Poor goldfish; I think he/she/it would only live for a few days. Her/His/Its place is so small that he/she/it can barely breathe and move.  The fish (maybe) was telling to his/her/its self, “Best friend cockroach I will always be here for you but how can I live when you have already poisoned my pool with your dead body. I’d better be dead than to live in this place where so many people eat but cannot see us here in pain.  See you on the other side of the world.”

Question! Did we eat in this restaurant? How can you eat in a restaurant which cannot even pass a simple sanitation test? Always change the water of the aquarium at least twice or thrice a week. Maybe, the goldfish and his/her/its friend cockroach were saved. Tsk!


For the owner/manager, you’re lucky I have not remembered the name of your restaurant. I chose not to remember it. Check the best Davao City Restaurants.