AiRod’s – The Newest Steak and Restobar at Davao

September 18, 2011

A close friend of mine, who loves eating more than I do, invited me for dinner yesterday. He brought me to one of his friend’s restaurant. Let me introduce to you then, AiRod’s.

AirRod’s is the newest steak and restobar located in the busy street of Torres, Ground Floor of Hotel Esse, Davao City. The name of the restaurant is the combination of the names of the owners. Air is from Aira. Rod is from Rodolfo. Aira is the name of the girlfriend of the older brother of Rodolfo.

The place is nice and serene. The service is good. I have even experienced the first hand service of the owners Mr Rodolfo and his very nice wife Ms. Pia. I let my friend order the food that we are going to eat since it was not his first time in this restaurant. We had Bulalo steak, Sisig and Dory.

 Bulalo Steak is their Best Seller

Sisig I love! is very tasty.

Dory! Oh I can still savor the spices.

I had two desserts. Leche Flan and Chocolate cake. Yum yum!

The food is great and affordable. So, come at AiRod’s and have a taste of their sumptuous meals. Visit and take a look of their beautiful place.

The pirate queen at the lobby of Hotel Esse.

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