Sign of progress

September 1, 2011

In my 8 years of travelling from Davao to Norala  via North Cotabato and vice versa, I was pretty surprised last weekend that they have already started the concretization of the main road in Datu Paglas, Buluan etc. Good! There is change after eight years. =)



  1. Ei! Thanks for liking my post iamgoblinhailliee. I know you can relate to this because you are from North Cotabato. =)

  2. :-.. Welcome .. For months of travelling from Tacurong to my hometown, the Buluan and Paglas road was such a big “disappointment” for me.. (Pinaalis lang pala ako ng Tacurong bago inayos_.. Hehehe… I’m very glad to have read that there is already an improvement there… Thank u so much for the post. It’s very nice.Godspeed.

    • Oh really?! Ya! Let us hope for the best for our dearest country! =)

      • ajah!..eheieeee…….

      • I followed you. 😉

        & I found out we have the same love, Luffy! :p

  3. Thanks.. I followed you also.. hehe..
    _yah.. the great Monkey D. Luffy!_ =)

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