Sino si Lola Basyang?

April 9, 2012

Sino si Lola Basyang?.


I Do, I Do! Araw ng Pag-IBIG TV Ad

February 17, 2012

Pag-IBIG Fund’s late TV Commercial of the Kasalan ng Bayan Event last Feb 14.



I Do, I Do! Araw ng Pag-IBIG!

February 4, 2012


Pag-IBIG, true to its name, shall hold a mass Wedding Event for members belonging to various groups such as Transport Workers, Kasambahays and OFWs on February 14, 2012.

This shall also include couple who have been married for at least 10 years who wish to renew their vows.

Venue will be at SM – Davao.

Requirements/Documentation necessary for the marriage/renewal of vows shall be the responsibility of couples and coursed through the LGU concerned. At least one of the spouses should be a member of Pag-IBIG Fund. If both are not members, at least one is required to become one.

What do couple get for joining this event?

1. Main Sponsor shall be Vice President Jejomar C.  Binay.

2. Raffle prizes for the couple

3. A fine Venue prepared by Pag-IBIG in coordination with SM

4. Reception for couple inclusive of their first meal as newly-weds/re-weds

5. Couple shall be part of a historic event. A first in and by the Pag-IBIG Fund

6. Gifts from the Fund and other co-sponsors

Hayahay kung libre!

Advance Happy hearts day. ❤


AiRod’s – The Newest Steak and Restobar at Davao

September 18, 2011

A close friend of mine, who loves eating more than I do, invited me for dinner yesterday. He brought me to one of his friend’s restaurant. Let me introduce to you then, AiRod’s.

AirRod’s is the newest steak and restobar located in the busy street of Torres, Ground Floor of Hotel Esse, Davao City. The name of the restaurant is the combination of the names of the owners. Air is from Aira. Rod is from Rodolfo. Aira is the name of the girlfriend of the older brother of Rodolfo.

The place is nice and serene. The service is good. I have even experienced the first hand service of the owners Mr Rodolfo and his very nice wife Ms. Pia. I let my friend order the food that we are going to eat since it was not his first time in this restaurant. We had Bulalo steak, Sisig and Dory.

 Bulalo Steak is their Best Seller

Sisig I love! is very tasty.

Dory! Oh I can still savor the spices.

I had two desserts. Leche Flan and Chocolate cake. Yum yum!

The food is great and affordable. So, come at AiRod’s and have a taste of their sumptuous meals. Visit and take a look of their beautiful place.

The pirate queen at the lobby of Hotel Esse.


UP Pep Squad – 2011 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champion

September 17, 2011

Congratulations UP Pep Squad! Grandslam!

Cheer Dance Competition:
Champion: UP Pep Squad

Group Stunts Competition:
Champion: UP Pep Squad

Samsung Stunner:
Nesza Salvador (UP Pep Squad)


TREE GROWING for Climate and Environmental Injustices

September 16, 2011

*A friend invited me to join this event. Maybe many are interested.


Everyone’s Invited! 🙂

What: TREE GROWING for Climate and Environmental Injustices 🙂
When: September 24, 2011
Where: Mt. Tipolog, Brgy. Tawan- Tawan, Baguio District

Assembly: ADDU ROXAS 6:30AM

Registration Fee: P100.00 inclusive of (Fare, Certificate and Seedling)

if interested contact us @ 09997845354(smart) or 09339740260(sun)
you may also visit our facebook account: www.facebook.com/panalipdanyouth.ateneo



Define “corporate” powerpoint presentation

September 13, 2011

I just can’t find any reason why the ppt presentation I made is not considered as “corporate”. So, I decided to blog about it and let the cyberworld decide. Before I dig into the details of my presentation let me introduce to you the non-linear powerpoint presentation.

Traditionally, the powerpoint presentation that we experience is linear. In layman’s tem, the only way to get you from beginning to end of the presentation is to go through each slide thus following a straight line. Non-linear ppt presentation, on the other hand, is very different. It allows you to navigate the whole presentation. It gives the presenter the option to jump over slides to specific groups of slides.

Why Non-linear ppt?

It is a very interesting and useful way to transmit messages. Like a web site, nonlinear ppt present you with slides with many links to explore and you decide which link to explore first. It is more interactive compared to linear ppt. Thus, it can sustain the attention of your audience.

Level Up!

From the being the MC of the Forum that we conduct in the office every 2nd and last friday of the month, I was tasked to become one of the speakers
because our bosses had a seminar. I asked permission to my officemate to revise the “very traditional” ppt we used to present to our members that since day 1 I want to remake.

Earlier this day, I was informed that the ppt I made is not “corporate.” Oh! Why oh why? I was told that there is a coporate way. Hmmmm… how do you do that? I have the logo. Check! The color scheme of the presentation is one with the color of the company. Check! Another comment, “the font color is white. It should be black.” Look what I found:

“Black text on a white background will always be the best but also the most boring choice.”


“Dark text on a light background.

Therefore, I should use light text if the background is dark.

Last criticism, “the font design is not consistent.” As far as I am concern, I used Arial. 24-48 font size. Utilized, dark text to light background. Light text to dark background. I used MS 2007 to create the presentation. In UP, it was Ms. Jeane Claire Dy who taught our class how to do the non-linear powerpoint presentation. FYI! My course is Communication Arts major in corporate and speech communication.

Anyway, if being “corporate” means being “traditional” then I would rather die being “not corporate.” Because I tend to deviate and I will always differ from the old ways if I find the new ways better and maybe the best. Not all old ways are the right thing to do and not all old people are true. :p